AUTOMOBILSPORT #11 (01/2017) - German edition - incl. poster

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Honestly speaking, it’s hard to get things done in life with the help and support of other people – and that applies both privately and professionally. Helping hands go a long way. It might be through ideas and supportive thinking. It might be through encouraging words, particularly in times of adversity, which help you keep working towards a goal. It might be any number of things. But one thing is for sure, a strong team does wonders for the success of any individual – and the same goes for each individual issue of AUTOMOBILSPORT. After 11 issues nothing has changed, for that I would like to say – at the end of another racing season and with Christmas around the corner – a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.
Roberto Ravaglia knows all about the importance of a strong team. After all, it was his team that helped take him to the World Touring Car Championship title in 1987 (more on that from Page 34 onwards). That’s not to say Roberto needed encouraging words all that often – except perhaps for at Bathurst where he drove with broken ribs, and had to pulled, exhausted, out of the car during a driver change. But still there was a whole team behind his success, a team that made organised the logistics and prepared the M3. In a greater sense that team was extended all the way back to Thomas Ammerschläger (car) and Paul Rosche (engine), who set the BMW M3 E30 on the path to success.

Exceptional – The World Touring Car Championship season 1987
“A year of ups and downs” – Interview Ruedi Eggenberger
Beyond the Goal – Klaus Ludwig on the WTCC 1987
On a knife’s edge – BMW M3 E30
Results WTCC 1987
Karl Ludvigsen on Modena, Maserati and OSCA
Eckhard Schimpf on Louis Chiron
John Davenport on a missed victory at the 1972 Rally Monte Carlo with an Alpine A110
Helmut Zwickl on Niki Lauda´s comeback 1976
and many more!

Pages: 144
Publishing house: Sportfahrer Verlag
Language: English
Format: 210 x 297 Millimeter

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